Cornelia Mohr

born 1969

Drawings / Paintings
classic early cycles, including “Trees”, “Bottles”, “Nudes”, “Furnishings, Design”, “Light Objects”, “Wire Objects”
store of ideas through extensive motif collections
fast drawings
playful, with frills
round and expressive, dynamic!
oriented on nature figural (mostly), abstract (slightly)
surreal pictorial composition

Material Expansion / Sculptures
canvas, paper, tracing paper
oil, India ink, ink, graphite, crayons, wax crayons and felt pens
collages, papier-mâché, glue, textiles
silkscreen prints, ceramics
photo camera
copper, aluminium and brass wire, light fixtures
wooden boards, metal boards and sheets
display cases and Plexiglas globes

Lines and Writing
formal and intellectual centeredness on the self
playing with lines and breaking norms
text explosions, self-conceived ideas
hardly legible writing and cryptic messages

Still Lifes
central theme since 1999
capturing, systematic expansion and ultimately sole
theme invention of various parallel worlds, including:

Poly Lifes
expansion of still life constellations by merging all previously used models on one level, arranged in direct juxtaposition to and confrontation with each other. The complete still life, so to speak.

The Quiet Cohabitants
additional creation of specific protagonists and abstract constructs (from papier-mâché, wire and paper) with firmly assigned schemes, names and special interrelations. Individual, personal characters.

human models as living pictures or details of still life scenarios, supported by masks and sculptural expansions

Show Worlds
small-scale sculptures and reliefs as wall objects
standing objects and sculptures in Plexiglas globes

De Naturalia
devotion towards the small, natural friends within the infinite cosmos
great partners in the self-explanatory game of existence
depiction of the companions within the diversity of nature and the everyday life of creativity

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