Still lifes are beautiful, for they convey a sense of calm.

On closer inspection, this quietness is usually more like the calm before the storm, but still.

Depictions of existence in a world compressed within itself.
Standing still in time, self-confident and strong.
Harnessing the atmosphere of life in its own validity – and protecting its scenes, for instance, from all too fleeting glances.

For what is seemingly inanimate is in fact full of life and densely populated with the following diverse apparitions:

Distinct characters and protagonists, always showcasing their qualities
Watchful glances (cast over their shoulders) and haughty gestures. Taking a stance with a tongue-in-cheek approach
Masks with holes for eyes

Snails, shells, fish
small creatures on colourful flowers
aerial beings with large wings
baskets, filled to the brim
glasses, cups, mirrors
sheets of paper with notes, rolled up

incoherent patterns
sketched, cross-hatched and pasted

indicating arrows, debated
texts as an exchange of thoughts

surfing lizards
dogs with long, crooked noses
ripe fruit on large tablecloths
lemons and oranges, wantonly peeling
snakes hanging from the side or the ceiling

the idea and the dazzling thought
flying high as an aside
lovely days in small boxes

amongst the artistic universe

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Still lifes are beautiful