Poly Lifes
The Quiet Cohabitants
A documentation

The exhaustion of regular still life subjects – glasses and bottles of any shape, vases, plants, statues, porcelain figurines, fruit baskets, etc. – resulted in the creation of additional protagonists, called the Quiet Cohabitants.

The Quiet Cohabitants broaden the spectrum of models not only in terms of numbers, but also through their various characters, with which they greatly enliven their surroundings.

They constitute a conscious, tongue-in-cheek broadening of the conventional concept of a “still life”, i.e. the depiction of inanimate or motionless everyday objects. As astute readers probably rightly suspect by now, these inanimate objects are able to entertain lively relationships with each other. But since they exist in different time dimensions, their relationships cannot be experienced by others. Thus, the term “still life”, albeit in its broadened sense, does still apply and has led, in turn, to the idea of Poly Lifes, in which our dear invented creatures naturally have their place.

Seeing as they appear as inanimate sculptures, we often cannot fathom what the cohabitants of these Poly Lifes do or don’t get up to with one another.

However, through their schemes, their virtues and bad habits, their real figuralities and fictitious behaviour, they give us an account of their secret lives – and thus provide an excellent basis for creative ideas of any kind.

The Poly Life phenomenon is brought to life by different pictorial and three-dimensional means, lovingly creating a parallel world that is half reality and half fantasy.

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