The Weeklies 2013

The idea behind the Weeklies was to use already existing sketches, copies and concepts from pervious works and cycles, especially from the Show Worlds, and to transform them into short-term (weekly) and small-scale drawings that follow on directly from these preceding ideas.

I expected this cycle to take on a life of its own, and to give me the opportunity for a longer-term, say a monthly or quarterly, devotion to various means of expression, one that would be more leisurely understandable and that would make the cycle, upon its completion, easy to interpret.

But of course things turned out rather differently.

Instead of a dispersal in various different directions (instead of a dally over excesses of shapes), a complete condensation of themes and techniques occurred, making the cycle „Weeklies“ easily my most important drawing sequence of its kind to date.

When asked what I consider myself to be, the answer “draftswoman” would naturally make it to the top of my list of responses, but equally important to me are my subprofessionalities as a story teller, scene conveyor and ambassador of mischief, for these elements are present in all of my drawings, sometimes more and sometimes less obtrusively.

Animals have always featured in my renderings, and seeing as I started out with the genre of still lifes, plants soon found their way into my drawings as well. My idiosyncratic depictions of observers and invented creatures lurking around on the edge of events, surveying and sometimes judging what’s happening, play a profoundly important role as passive creators of atmospheres in every single work.

Finally, I never tire of listing all the lovely hangers-on and protagonists without whom my depictions would not be possible:

Fish, whole or filleted
Miniature organisms in a glass
Green horses, orange rabbits, display cabinets teeming with activity, dog profiles, cosmic coronas, bold naked beauties, green timid lions, curious earthworms, baby sharks and dancers, bulldogs and jurors, freaks and extinct creatures, areas free of action or comment, A + D1 + B2, reading libraries, Funny Lifes, pineapples, lizards, snail men and arrow systems, whales with bright spots, feathery animals and bone creatures, forest dwellers and sea monsters, tent landscapes, desert regions, exploited snakes and know-all nudies, bright suns, pink backgrounds, dramatic scenes and romantic dwarves.

Cornelia Mohr

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